Professional services

AspisID delivers interim professionals like project managers, business analysts and Identity & Access Management consultants. Our experts will seamlessly join the existing teams.

IAM Academy

Our academy provides IAM/PAM training programs to acquire the basic skills and theoretical foundations for managing the IAM solutions and implement daily improvements.

AspisID IAM talents

IAM Talent Pool

The IAM Talent Pool is a service that gives our partners and customers the opportunity to hire our IAM talents straight out of our IAM Academy for a period of 6 months against a competitive fee. The only thing we need in return is that our IAM talent is provided with guidance on the job from a more experienced employee. This way our IAM talents gains experience and our partners and customers gain IAM talent!

The ConnectorLab

The ConnectorLab delivers stardardized connectors, high skilled professionals specialized in building connectors and support on the connectors after going live!

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Managed Services

IAM Support

AspisID helps their customers by delivering a managed service 24/7 focussed on the technical and functional support of One Identity Manager.

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Managed Delivery

The experts of AspisID are trained to support One Identity Manager and help customers with the day to day support of delivering IAM services.

IAM as SaaS

AspisID delivers IAM as a services. An additional price is charged annually on the licenses. 



AspisID has developed a monitoring tool to effectively support any One Identity installation with a turnkey solution and preconfigured intelligence that can be tailored as needed.

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