Round Table: Privileged Access Management

During this event we will discuss the content of privileged Access Management (PAM). You discuss with various organizations about how they (are going to) set up their PAM and see it change with increasing digitization. For organizations that are just starting to professionalize PAM and organizations that have already automated PAM to a large extent, this is the ideal way to gain knowledge thanks to the visions and experiences of fellow IT and Security managers.

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Security professionals speak

During the Round Table the participating IT Security professionals share their visions, the problems they encounter, the success stories and their experiences.


Sharing Knowledge

Organizations that have already started with PAM and organizations that have yet to start get a chance to speak.

Why participate?

Accounts with high authorizations are used in most security incidents. Hackers are therefore trying to gain access. Research has shown that it takes an average of 191 days before a security incident is detected so prevention is very important. 81% of incidents are caused by bad or weak passwords. 88% of the organizations experience managing accounts with high authorizations as a challenge.

AspisID organizes this round table so that you can learn how other organizations use PAM to prevent possible hacks and security incidents and to ensure that the continuity of the organization is not compromised


Implementing PAM in the organization is difficult and challenging. The problem with managing accounts with high authorizations is that they are so incredibly strong and they must be accessible to administrators to perform their work. In the wrong hands, however, they are a big risk.

We understand that as an IT / Security Manager it can be difficult to implement PAM if you don’t know where to start. For this reason it can be very useful to come to the Round Table and get insights from other IT and security managers from other organizations.


For IT and security managers, networking is very important to stay informed of the latest trends and developments. The Round Table is ideal for expanding your current network with IT and security managers. Feedback from the participants of previous Round Tables shows that all participants would recommend this event to IT and security colleagues. Are you an IT and / or security manager and do you want to know more about PAM? Sign up for the next session for free!

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April 7

Location: Schinkeldijkje 2A, 1432 CE Aalsmeer

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