Grabowsky and AspisID start the first European CyberArk Academy

Grabowsky and AspisID bundle forces to present the first European CyberArk Academy based in Athens and The Hague. From now on CyberArk customers all over Europe can benefit from a thoroughly trained and highly skilled growing pool of CyberArk talents.

Huge need of CyberArk talents
Because of the growing complexity and projects in the field of Digital Identity (IAM), the market faces a huge shortage of qualified resources. One of the leading software vendors, CyberArk, and especially its customers, are also suffering from this lack of qualified implementation consultants. A solution is now presented with the CyberArk Academy, powered by Grabowsky and AspisID.

Two experts joining strengths
Grabowsky is a reliable guide in the field of Digital Identity (IAM) for more than 35 years. They boost the digital agility and resilience of small and large organizations in the Benelux. One of their innovative technology partners is CyberArk. AspisID has a IAM Tech Hub in Athens and they are specialized in training and developing highly skilled IAM consultants. The company has entrance to several Tech Universities in Greece.

Future of CyberArk consultants
With the experience, knowledge and network of Grabowsky in CyberArk projects and the IAM Tech Hub of AspisID, both companies will jointly serve customers in the Benelux and later in Europe to deliver trained and skilled CyberArk talents. The first qualified consultants already started to fill in the need of our customers.