The first fully managed IAM & PAM service for SMB

Aspisid introduces innovative “Identycore" in the European market

AspisID delivers a professional IAM solution for SMB company without having the hassle of the high costs and lack of expertise. From now on, companies up to 4.000 employees can benefit from this new launched service.


The need of CEO’s
Until recently, only huge companies were implementing complex IAM solutions. They have the budgets and capacities to manage this. However, small & medium sized companies also suffer the same security issues as the “big” companies. We have talking to SMB CEO’s for the last two years and we found that they are looking for practical security solutions and they also want to protect identities in their company. They want a well organized identity lifecycle and automated authorization management process.
In the CEO & CIO meetings several remarkable aspects are found:

  • SMB companies want an easy start without (too much) IAM knowledge
  • They don’t want to worry about features they do not immediately require
  • They don’t have the budget and resources to implement it, they want to solve the IAM problem without too much hassles
  • They are looking to outsource the IAM exercise to a reliable company
  • They want to reduce IAM CapEx, whilst increasing the capabilities of IAM/PAM
  • They want a fast implementation and high ROI

“Aspisid is an IAM expert in the European market for several years now. We have proven to serve happy customers and we fully focus on IAM without the distraction of other businesses. With our European span and serving 9 European counties, two offices in Aalsmeer (Schiphol, the Netherland) and Athens (Greece), we are ready to go for the next step”, says Eelco Veltenaar, Managing Director of AspisID.

Complex IAM made simple
Identycore consists of 4 standardized service modules which include everything you need for that particular area of identity and access management. These modules are all supported by the 4 underlying infrastructure components. It doesn’t matter if you need one service module or all of them, the infrastructure components will always be included. Identycore continuously keeps the service modules and infrastructure components up to date with the latest innovations and best-practices. Making sure that customers always have the best possible managed service for their business.