Identity as a service for solid and effective control of IT resources

“The front-line IT team has reduced its workloads by 75 percent”

Alex Hurkmans, Chief Digital Officer, GBI

GBI implemented IdentyCore from AspisID, which runs on One Identity Manager, to eliminate routine tasks, allowing IT staff to focus on higher priority tasks to increase company efficiencies and personnel to start self-serving.

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Automating identity and access management to reduce costs

Automating identity and access management

“Before Argos, we looked at our One Identity IAM systems only within office hours. Now we have 24/7 monitoring, but without a big increase in costs.”

Sicko van der Brug, Team Lead and Product Owner, Identity Access Management

To reduce costs, Jumbo Supermarkten invested in One Identity Manager and outsourced overall management of the system to One Identity partner, The Identity Managers. In addition, the company used Argos, a tool provided by another One Identity partner, AspisID, to monitor and optimise technical support at Jumbo.  Wins all the way around!

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